Publish Date: 01 Jan 2009

The period 2009-2014 - the fourth term of government, began against the backdrop of the hard hitting global economic recession, which quickly undid many of the economic gains of the earlier period. It was, however, in line with national government’s counter-cyclical fiscal stance, a five-year period that saw heightened levels of public investment in economic infrastructure in the province, and greater alignment of the allocative decisions of national government and state owned entities with provincial development priorities. In this respect, and in spite of the weak and uncertain global and national economic outlook, there emerged during this term the recognition that with the right policy measures and partnerships, the province could escape its historic and path dependent status as a labour sending province.


In this period ESECC remained at the forefront of developing provincial strategies in partnership with government departments e.g. provincial industrial strategy, jobs strategy, rural development strategy, co-operative strategy, provincial strategic plan on HIV/Aids and TB, among others. From 2012 ECSECC supported the Eastern Cape Planning Commission with a diagnostic study and development of Vision 2030 provincial development plan.


Development facilitation continued through support to municipalities and provincial government, multi-stakeholder compacting and resource mobilisation. ECSECC worked consistently with the two metropolitan municipalities in the province and on long term interventions with some district municipalities.


Over the years ECSECC has built a decent information and knowledge base and this period saw this maturing with releases of quarterly economic updates, other regular statistical publications, developing easy to use statistical products and the socio-economic atlas.


On the organizational front, this period saw three clean audits and two unqualified audits. ECSECC is well known and recognized for its leadership stability over the last ten years at Board and Management level.






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