Publish Date: 01 Jan 2000

The period 2000-2004 was a period of stabilisation and consolidation of provincial and local government. After creating a new government and starting to build a new administration, steps were taken to improve the operational efficiency of the provincial administration and a number of initiatives were launched to address very specific challenges, with mixed effect.

In this period ECSECC functioned as the de facto province policy nerve-centre in response to call to accelerate state transformation. The core focus was on support to Provincial Government (cluster support and transformation of key departments such as Treasury, Education etc).

In keeping with its man founding mandate, ECSECC facilitated the development of 2004-2014 Provincial Growth and Development Plan through a Project Management Unit set up by the Office of the Premier.

One of ECSECCs major achievements in this period was the facilitation of a massive social grants registration drive in collaboration with Department of Social Development.

In 2003 the province established a provincial AIDS Council (ECAC), hosted and driven by ESCECC. With this, ECSECC was given a formal mandate to coordinate the multisectoral response to HIV and AIDS.

In this period ECSECC continued to support local government as it becomes a formal sphere of government and planning became increasingly institutionalized. ECSECC developed toolkits and training material for the first sets of Integrated Development Plans and Local Economic Development Strategies at local level.






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