Publish Date: 01 Jan 1995

The establishment of ECSECC in April 1995 was part of a period where the foundations for future growth and development where laid. These first years after democracy in 1994 saw the "birth of a new province”. The immediate task and major challenge facing the new administration when it assumed office in 1994 was to create a unified entity from three separate components – part of the former Cape Province to the west and the nominally independent homelands of Transkei and Ciskei in the east of the new province.

ECSECC was established as a joint body of government, Non-governmental institutions, labour and business at a Summit for Economic Reconstruction and Growth. ECSECC was expected to play critical facilitation and development role to drive the Reconstruction and Development Plan (RDP) and provincial vision into reality.

In this period ECSECC was a start-up organisation operating in an environment of activist enthusiasm. The organization was conceptualized as provincial Nedlac but most of its work was with government, and to some extent organized labour and civil society. In line with its founding mandate, ECSECC drove the RDP agenda, albeit in the context of Gear from 1996 onwards. In this first period ECSECC facilitated development of the 1996 Provincial Growth and Development Strategy. The organisation’s focus was on the marginalized rural economy and its programmes focused on LED in small towns and rural development. ECSECC was also part of the formation of wall-to-wall local government.






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