ECSECC operates according to a five year Strategic Plan and an Annual Performance Plan. The current five year strategic planning cycle started in 2014 and will end in 2019.

Please visit the document library to download the strategic and annual plan.

The strategic plan has four strategic goals:

1.) To facilitate effective and efficient administration and governance

This goal seeks to develop and implement effective and efficient administration, management, finance and governance and knowledge management systems.

This is done through the following subcomponents:


  • Governance and Operations
  • Administration, Finance and Supply Chain
  • Human Resources Development and Management
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Knowledge Management
  • Research and Information Support


2.) To support development policy, strategy and planning in the Eastern Cape Province.

This goal is driven by ECSECC's contribution to setting the provincial policy agenda and supporting the execution of provincial and national priorities.

ECSECCs niche in this areas includes the following:


  • Policy analysis and advice
  • Strategic visioning and agenda setting
  • Strategy facilitation
  • Strategic planning
  • Programming and project packaging
  • Impact evaluation
  • Institutional support and organisational development


3.) To be a socio-economic knowledge hub for the Eastern Cape Province.

This goal seeks to strengthen ECSECC as a knowledge organisation and enable evidence based advice and interventions.

This is done through the following activities:


  • Provision of socio-economic and spatial information
  • Policy analysis and applied policy research
  • Sector research
  • Modelling, forecasting and scenario building
  • Knowledge management of provincial socio-economic information
  • Create platforms for dissemination of information


4.) To create platforms for multi-stakeholder participation and partnerships.

Here, ECSECC seeks to evolve new forms of development dialogue and cooperation and build a culture of social dialogue and active citizenship in the province.

We envisage this will happen through the following activities:


  • Facilitate dialogues and learning networks
  • Provide process and social facilitation
  • Provide secretariat to councils and other formal structures
  • Pioneer new forms of partnerships, collaboration and coordination
  • Assist partnering civil society structures to operate effectively


The plan is organised around six programmes, which have set clear objectives for the five year planning period. The table below summarises the programmes, objectives and the sub-programmes responsible for implementation.

Highlights of the 2015-2016 Annual Performance Plan and Operation Plan

The Annual Performance Plan follows the same structure as the five year strategy plan, but includes annual and quarterly targets for set performance indicators per programme.

The ECSECC Operational Plan is an implementation plan of the Annual Performance Plan. The Operational Plan serves as a project plan of the APP and allocates requisite resources for the implementation of the APP. The Operational Plan provides for APP aligned projects, project leaders and project teams to drive the implementation of projects. The Operational Plan is supported by individual project plans for each project that are properly conceptualised to give a clear outline of the scope and objectives of the project, how each project will be implemented, project milestones, resources required, risks associated with the project and how these will be mitigated, and a communication plan.

The 2015/16 Operation plan is focused on nine APEX projects, and a total of 31 projects.

The APEX projects are as follows:


  • Develop an agriculture development plan for the eastern cape
  • Support to the oceans economies development
  • Ten year provincial infrastructure plan
  • Mzimvubu dam and multi-purpose development
  • Capable and development oriented provincial government
  • Local government planning
  • Work integrated learning
  • Skills development and barometer for priority sectors of the economy
  • Combination prevention for young women and sex workers


The programme pages contain more information about these APEX projects and other projects.




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