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Marketing of indigenous medical plants in South Africa -a case study in KwaZulu-Natal

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Category : Book
Publish Date : 10 Jul 2012
This case study will provide a valid model of an approach and method to assess the marketing practices of non-wood forest products and those of medical plants in particular.

Black Economic Empowerment - No change in the class position of workers

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Category : Book
Publish Date : 11 May 2006
A 1987 COSATU publication on the South African economy states, in the introduction, that a big problem for people trying to understand the economy is the question – Through whose eyes do we study it? It answers the question as follows – “ We can look at the economy through the eyes of the capitalists or we can look at it through the eyes of workers. Depending on which set of eyes we use, we’ll see a very different picture”.I’d like to think that I approach the matter at hand, and its broader economic and political context, from the latter




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