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Date Published - 01 Aug 2017
New Eastern Cape local municipalities
The map shows all the local municipalities in the Eastern Cape with new name changes.
Date Published - 05 Jun 2024
Eastern Cape Labour Market Overview 2024Q1
The Quarterly Review of the Eastern Cape Labour Market (QRELM) is a statistical release compiled by th...
Date Published - 18 Apr 2024
ECSECC 2024/2025 Annual Performance Plan (APP)
Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council's Annual Performance Plan (APP) describes the organisa...
Date Published - 15 Apr 2024
Artisan 4.0 | Policy Imperatives Underpinning Transition from His...
This is a PowerPoint presentation that was delivered by Chales Pule from Quality Council for Trades and...
Date Published - 16 Apr 2024
Seminar promotes artisan development and entrepreneurial skills
The Eastern Cape Human Resource Development Council (EC-HRDC) on Friday, 12 April 2024 hosted an Artisa...