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Each year ECSECC publishes an annual report and distributes this to its partners and likeminded organisations. The Annual Report showcases ECSECC's work and reports on ECSECC's achievements and highlights.

This Annual Report includes the Auditor-General’s Report on the Financial Statements and the Annual Performance Report. The Auditor-General has found no matters of emphasis and as such, ECSECC this year received its eighth consecutive unqualified audit.

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Programme 2: Economic Governance

The programme in the period under review concentrated on the following deliverables that are in line with the strategic goals of the organisation:

1. Regional economic development strategy and interventions (spatial economic planning):

a.Regional development planning was conducted to ensure that district long range and integrated development plans are aligned to national and provincial priorities. The programme reviewed the OR Tambo District municipality documents and developed a Diagnostic and Socio-Economic Review "Towards a Long Term Plan”. This is part of ECSECC’s contribution to the building of economic planning capabilities of local government, public entities, local action groups and citizens for sustainable local action. This is also within the context of providing municipal evidence based integrated economic development planning and implementation capabilities support.

2.Supported DEDEAT in the development of the Provincial Economic Development Strategy. ECSECC has provided facilitation and content development support.

3.Conceptualised the Basalt Fibre (composites) strategic project within Operation Phakisa’s Oceans Economy. The project will be run in partnership with ECDC.

4.Position papersdeveloped include:

a."Perspectives of Eastern Cape Industrialists”. This paper was developed to assist provincial and national discussions on industrial policy at sub-national level. The paper will feed into the DEDEAT led process of developing a Provincial Economic Development Strategy by the end of 2016.

b."Breaking SA’s inequality trap: provincial instruments and interventions” was developed.

c.A position paper on the township economy has been developed to contribute to both DEDEAT and municipalities policy development on the townships economy.




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