ECSECC seeks to be a knowledge hub for social economic information in the province. The organization seeks to provide attractive and innovative visual presentation of spatial, statistical and socio-economic information to communities of practice with varying levels of information- and general literacy. ECSECC seeks to influence policy and policy makers through creating and sharing of credible and accessible information.

ECSECC has acquired, created and mapped a range of GIS layers to produce static pdf/jpeg maps.

Well-developed maps and GIS analysis can offer nuanced perspectives on socio-economic development in South Africa, the Eastern Cape and its 47 district, metropolitan and local municipalities. 

This site contains maps across the following themes :
  • Administration and demarcation
  • Environment and geography 
  • Demographics
  • Economic
  • Labour 
  • Poverty and human development 
  • Education
  • Health and HIV
  • Access to services 
  • Agriculture
  • Roads and Transport
The maps are developed using data from StatSA, ECSECC database, private data providers and spatial data from Departments and other entities based on data sharing agreements between ESCECC and these Departments. 

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