In 2015 ECSECC celebrates its 20 year anniversary. ECSECC was founded in April 1995 and has over the past 20 years played an important role in strategy formulation, planning and transformation in the provincial and local sphere of development. Over the past 20 years, ECSECC has grown into an established development planning and facilitation institution, having developed significant capacity in its niche areas. It is well embedded in the development landscape of the province, and has critical relationships and networks with key role-players across the state and civil society sectors.

Agile and resilient with a strong understanding of stakeholder needs, ECSECC has proved to be a politically responsive and relevant organisation, well-networked and at the pinnacle of the provincial administration.

ECSECC has been able to build and renew capabilities in the following areas:

  • Conceptualisation and development of various strategies especially in the area of socio-economic development. The work of the organisation in this area is largely research based. This is in line with our belief in evidence-based decision-making and resource allocation (strong emphasis on data and analysis for planning)
  • Driving strategic social mobilisation and stakeholder compacting around key development priorities for the province
  • Creating platforms for multiple stakeholders to dialogue around key polices
  • Central in facilitating and embedding key development priorities in the agenda of provincial and local government. This also includes identifying and influencing provincial strategic and catalytic programmes and projects
  • Creation and retention of networks between and among development agencies and activists in the development sector with a view to sharing ideas, perspectives and reflection on issues of development in the province
  • Generating and adapting research for application as well as serving as a critical disseminator of relevant knowledge for development

The above organisational strengths could be attributed to the capabilities ECSECC has developed over time including:

  • Reaching maturity levels in terms of its governance and brand and ECSECC could be confidently referred to as a well-established organization. It is a good corporate citizen but agile and adaptive to respond to changing circumstances and pressures
  • Being catalytic and value-adding (facilitate, cause to happen) so as to avoid duplication and wastage and thus being able to transverse space between strategy and implementation
  • Functioning as a multi-agency entity (works primarily with government across the spheres) but promotes visibility and stakeholder participation
  • Developing specialist capabilities (GIS, econometric modelling, cost-benefit analysis, research, planning, investment facilitation, organizational development and change management, social compacting)
  • Attracting and retaining a core mix of diverse skills in critical areas of development




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