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I am pleased to welcome you to ECSECCs website. The purpose of the ECSECC website is to serve as an information portal to institutions in the Eastern Cape looking for data for the specific purpose of planning, monitoring and research. The website informs readers about the work that ECSECC does across our programme focus areas which are economic governance, infrastructure governance, provincial and local government support, human resource development and HIV/AIDS.

April 2018 marks the start of a new financial year and the start of executing the 2018/19 Annual Performance Plan. ECSECC’s current strategic plan has four strategic goals:

  • To facilitate effective and efficient administration and governance.
  • To support development policy, strategy and planning in the Eastern Cape Province.
  • To be a socio-economic knowledge hub for the Eastern Cape Province.
  • To create platforms for multi-stakeholder participation and partnerships.

In achieving these goals, the organisation has set out the following programmatic focus areas for the 2018/19 financial year:

  • Provincial development planning, with a focus on cascading Vision 2030 into a 5-year provincial strategy and implementation plans for the period 2019-2024;
  • Strengthen evidence based decision making through facilitation of research partnerships and strengthening of the provincial planning information system;
  • Act as secretariat for the Eastern Cape AIDS Council and facilitate and monitor multi stakeholder projects in the implementation of the national and provincial multi-stakeholder Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS, TB and STIs;
  • Act as secretariat for the Eastern Cape HRD Council and facilitate and monitor multi stakeholder skills development projects;
  • Coordination of strategic economic infrastructure projects, with a specific emphasis on SIP 3 and the Wild Coast N2 Corridor;
  • Project packaging and project management with focus on the ocean economy, agro-industry and other priority sectors. ECSECC will also facilitate strategic engagement between industry, business and the state; and
  • Strengthen developmental local government capabilities through provision of technical support to the Local Government Coordination Nucleus (OTP, COGTA, Treasury). There will be a particular emphasis on development planning.

South Africa is currently in a period with emphasis on rebuilding confidence in state institutions. There is an emphasis on re-building social compacts, as well as on economic policy changes, economic governance, economic partnerships and compacts, innovation and R&D

The 2018 State of the Province Address by Eastern Cape Premier, Phumulo Masualle, identified economic growth, job creation, road infrastructure, education and health, as key focus areas. Premier Masualle said the province would undertake various initiatives aimed at radical socio-economic transformation through "redistributive economic development aimed at reducing income inequality”.

In 2018, ECSECC is looking forward to playing a role in evidence based policy making, strategic stakeholder engagement and advocacy and facilitation required to resolve blockages in key priority areas.

We are confident that ECSECC will remain a leading organisation in development facilitation, ECSECC will continue to provide thought leadership to the socio-economic transformation and economy recovery of the province and South Africa.We are also confident that ECSECC will remain a beacon of good corporate government in the public-sector environment.


Mr. Luvuyo Mosana





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