Welcome to ECSECC

Message from the CEO

The vision for the province is that "By 2030, the Eastern Cape will be an enterprising and connected province where all people reach their potential”. The 2030 Provincial Development Plan (PDP) charts out a roadmap towards achieving this vision and aims to serve as a unifying development agenda for all people and institutions in the province. However, the action and decisions that make it possible must be taken by institutions and individuals working across priority areas.

As a multi-stakeholder council and policy advisory agency located in the Eastern Cape Office of the Premier, ECSECC has an important role to play to ensure that indeed the vision is achieved. We seek to play this role by being a socio-economic compass for an uncertain world.

Our website is one of the ways we communicate strategic information, provide strategic advice and showcase the work that we lead in the province. The ECSECC website is also a portal for anyone looking for more information about socio-economic development in the Eastern Cape.


To add value to the province, ECSECC works to achieve three outcomes:

Outcome 1 is: "A developmental state that actively leads development through partnerships.” This will be achieved by enabling improved policy decision-making through provision of strategic advice; and facilitating a shared provincial development agenda through effective platforms for engagement.

Outcome 2 is: "An inclusive economy that grows sustainably, created decent jobs and is innovative.” ECSECC will seek to enable this through designing and facilitating effective support interventions that contribute to the structural transformation of the economy.

Outcome 3 is: "A healthy, educated and productive workforce and citizenry.” This will be achieved through three intermediary outcomes: Improved education and skills supply and demand matching; Reduction in new HIV Infections; and Improved HIV Treatment Outcomes.


In achieving these goals, the organisation has set out the following programmatic focus areas:

  • Build capabilities, drive innovation in data analysis and move from basic data provision to value adding through more in-depth analysis.
  • Analyse real-time administrative and performance data from provincial and local government and other key sources to function as an independent monitoring and early warning system for decision makers (Business Intelligence).
  • Provide knowledge-based and industry informed strategic economic advice on provincial sector-based economic development strategy and highlight key human capabilities required to increase output and create jobs for an inclusive economy. The focus will be on ocean economy, digital and ICT economy, manufacturing and agro-industry.
  • Provide platforms for dialogue and strategic engagements by Communities of Development Practice in providing multi-perspectives on socio-economic development and development practice.
  • Conceptualise and facilitate measures to improve quality in education and training and improve matching of skills demand and supply. HRD interventions include Education and training institutional support and active labour market interventions.
  • Support and drive long range, strategic and knowledge-based strategy and planning through: facilitating PDP implementation planning and review;
  • Support development of District Development Plans for the province; and strengthen the state’s capacity for planning through training and innovative tools and methods.
  • Building viable (economic) regions through regional planning, municipal support and strategic stakeholder management. The spatial focus on the Wild Coast region will remain.
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Provincial Strategic Plan & Provincial Implementation Plan on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, including resource mobilisation for implementation.
  • Establish the Khawuleza Project Management Office (PMO) to strengthen the provincial government capability to execute catalytic projects.

With a strong ECSECC, we can build our capacity to better prepare for the complex and turbulent future ahead.

Mr. Luvuyo Mosana