ECSECC is a knowledge organisation that develops strategic, actionable insights and solutions that are evidence based, catalytic and embedded through strategic social mobilization. Our work is premised on knowledge generation, analysis and adaptation to inform strategy and development options.

ECSECC’s work is concerned with the following:

Agenda setting

ECSECC is an organisation that uses knowledge for setting the development agenda of the Eastern Cape in order to advance provincial development imperatives in the context of national policy. This is done primarily through supporting strategy development, planning and design of interventions for provincial and local government. ECSECC seeks to drive planning and programme design that contributes to social and economic transformation. In order to ensure strategic plans are put into action, ECSECC is involved in project conceptualization, packaging and planning for execution in collaboration with government departments and entities that will be responsible for implementation.

ECESCC supports departmental and municipal planning processes, performance analysis and development of new programmes and approaches to service delivery. We are particularly concerned with service delivery to poor and underserviced communities, and government’s capacity to deliver in these areas.

Examples of ECSECCs work in this area include:

  • Development of a research agenda for the Eastern Cape (current)
  • Supporting the Eastern Cape Planning Commission to develop the Vision 2030 Provincial Development Plan (2012-2014)
  • Supporting Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism to develop a Provincial Jobs Strategy (2012), Provincial Industrial Development Strategy (2010) and Cooperatives Strategy (2009)
  • Support Department of Rural Development and Agrarian reform and the Office of the Premier to develop a Provincial Rural Development Strategy (2010)

Strategic social mobilization and development facilitation

ECSECC is a well-networked organization and we strive to facilitate and broker partnerships for development action. We are dedicated to evolving new forms of development cooperation, from consultative processes and statutory forums to joint project and programme development and implementation, training and capacity development programmes, research and information sharing, and if necessary, conflict mediation.

Social mobilisation is a cross-cutting approach to all our work. Strategic social mobilisation is an approach that engages a wide range of partners at national, provincial and local levels in the design or execution of interventions. ESCECC seeks to be a catalyst for action, hence mobilization and partnerships are a core element of all our work.

ECSECC has a competent team of facilitators that are always in demand across the province. Our people regularly facilitate planning and strategic processes for all our stakeholders

Forms of policy dialogue organized by ECSECC range from public lectures, to workshops or seminars for select groups or organisations, or selected reference groups. This includes empowerment of civil society and other structures, providing platforms for discussion and engagement between government and other stakeholders and facilitation of inputs into policy making processes.

Learning and innovation

The organization seeks to create a culture of continuous reflection, learning and innovation across the phases of the model through feedback loops, both internally in the organization and with our partners. This is an acknowledgement that adaptation and learning are characteristic features of organisations operating in changing environments.

Socio-economic knowledge hub for the Eastern Cape Province

ECSECC houses an "information hub” of planning, monitoring and research in the Eastern Cape and is the main provider of socio-economic data and information to institutions in the Eastern Cape. We support stakeholders in distributing and making accessible a wide range of information as well as engaging in strategic research.




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