Programme Purpose

The aim of this programme is to shift the economic development path of the Eastern Cape so that poverty is progressively reduced and ECSECC’s vision is e achieved.

The broad strategy of this programme is to strengthen provincial and sub-provincial economic planning and execution and sharpen economic policy interventions where there is clear under-performance. The programme will respond to the economic and financial crisis through facilitating provincial and district/metro priority initiatives remove constraints and unlock opportunities for economic growth and leverage existing opportunities. Research and knowledge generation underpin the work of the programme.

The programme also aims to conceptualise and facilitate measures to improve quality in education and training. The programme provides strategic and technical support to the EC HRD Council and aims to enhance the Provincial Human Resource Development Council's mandate to support the training of appropriately skilled people for the economy. The HRD Strategy will be finalised and the council secretariat will focus on coordination implementation.

Economic Governance and Human Resource Development Projects

Personnel in the programme:

Mr Mike Lewis

Development Economist

Ms Viwe Booi

Programme Secretary

Chris Motsilili

Acting Manager Economic Governance and Human Resource Development




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