Aim of the programme:

To be the socio-economic information Hub for the Eastern Cape.

Objectives of the programme:

The purpose of this programme is to make sure ECSECC remains the information hub of the province. In essence it generates information through research with an objective of distributing it for the use of the public.

Overview of the programme:

Information and Knowledge Management Programme's main responsibility is to ensure that staff, stakeholders and the public has access to statistical information, journals, publications and specialist databases to carry out high quality work with maximum impact in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. The programme also aims to provide access to government information such as annual and strategic plans, annual reports, Integrated Development Plans and other strategic documents from municipalities. This information is obtained through networks and partnerships with government institutions.

ECSECC seeks to be a portal for its stakeholders to socio-economic information about the Eastern Cape and provide cutting edge analysis in all out fields of work. The Information and Knowledge Management programme is responsible for ensuring that the necessary systems and platforms are in place for staff and stakeholders to access data and information from ECSECC. The primary platforms are the website and the Resource Centre. The website is the operational tool within which knowledge will be stored receiving data inputs from internal staff on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. The aim is to facilitate the learning processes of stakeholder to enable more informed decision making.

In addition to offering the traditional services the Resource is able to provide hands-on support to all stakeholders or members of the public seeking to learn more about the Eastern Cape.

This programme includes the office of the Chief Operations Officer (COO). This office is responsible for ensuring efficient and compliant operations and provision of portfolio and project management support to programmes. The COOs office is responsible for performance reporting to the Office of the Premier, the Provincial Legislature and ECSECCs governance structures.

ECSECC has developed a policy for programme and project management and is constantly evolving its project management systems.

Personnel in the programme:

Ms Siv Helen Hesjedal

Chief Operations Officer

Ms Bulwelwa Lubelwana

GIS Specialist

Ms Vuyolwethu Tumi Nkohla

Statistical Economist

Ms Nomabhele Mandaba

Knowledge Management Coordinator

Ms Esethu Magwentshu

Knowledge Management Assistant

Sive Kamte

Quality Development Officer

Mr Kambale Kavese

Senior Economist




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