It is generally recognised that since 1994 the Eastern Cape's agricultural sector has performed well below potential in terms of employment, incomes and GVA growth, and that the agricultural sector is key to the Province's future development efforts. Land reform (both redistribution and tenure reform) has proceeded very slowly and has not been adequately linked to increasing agricultural production, employment and incomes. There has been no major investment in new irrigation infrastructure and limited planning thereof, despite the emphasis on new irrigation schemes contained in the New Growth Path (NGP) and the National Development Plan (NDP). Department of Water and Sanitation does not appear to have planned for how the water required to meet the NGP and NDP irrigation targets could be made available.

ECSECC has the firm opinion that there is scope for policy and implementation improvements in the three inter-related areas of agricultural development, land reform and water provision. We will review existing policies and their implementation in the three policy areas, with a specific focus on the inter-relationships between them.

Deriving from this review there will be ECSECC position papers, public dialogue and publications. ECSECCs work will center on the following:

  • Strengthened research and policy network in this area
  • A possible Eastern Cape "fruit industry accord"
  • Contribution to a more effective approach to agricultural development
  • Contribution to a more effective approach to land reform
Project manager: Mr Mike Lewis




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