ECAC is the structure which has been entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating the HIV response within the Eastern Cape. With the development of the Provincial Strategic Plan (PSP) for HIV, TB and STI’s (2012 – 2016) the biomedical approach to monitoring the HIV response has changed.  The plan puts more emphasis on the structural and social drivers of HIV, TB and STI infections.  Therefore resulting in the need to develop a monitoring system that will enable the monitoring of the structural and social drivers as well as the bio-medical aspects of the epidemic.

A Mid-Term Review was conducted in 2014 to determine the progress made on the PSP (2012 – 2016).  One of the findings was the absence of a centralised monitoring and reporting system which made it difficult for sectors and districts to report to the Eastern Cape AIDS Council (ECAC). The Mid-Term Review highlights the progress towards the PSP (2012 – 2016) goals and indicates which goals might not be achieved by 2016.  The goals lagging and which might not be achieved need to be monitored closely and so does the programmes that aim to address them.

the purpose of the monitoring and evaluation project is: 
  • To gather real time data from the ground 
  • To strengthen strategic information to allow data to influence the geographic areas for programme design and implementation.
  • To ensure that resources are invested where maximum impact can be achieve
  • Identification of hot spots of the drivers and incidence of HIV
This financial year ECAC will source a service provider for the design and development of an electronic M&E system.  Training and mentoring of key stakeholders on the system is also to be carried.  Reports will be generated, analysed and packaged and presented at different platforms as part of the feedback loop.  

With the development of the electronic system, ECAC will host the most current data on HIV and TB.  Stakeholders will be able to access data on HIV and TB and research reports online.  Expert analysis on the data and reports will be done by a team of high level strategic information experts and made available on request by stakeholders.  M&E will facilitate collection of real time data to guide the designing of programmes responding to HIV and TB.  It will facilitate the tracking of financial investment, influence decision making and allow ECAC to be a hub for HIV and TB information. 

Project Manager: Ms Zeodor Arends




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