The central rationale of the project is to provide provincial planning support by building a shared understanding on the PDP vision, goals and strategic actions. This will be achieved through evidence- based integrated planning and intelligent programme design in support of the cascading of the PDP. Thus, ensuring alignment of the departmental medium and annual planning to its objectives. The project also includes support to the OTP with integrated cluster and sector planning and creation of a learning network by strengthening the Community of Practice for provincial planning practitioners.

The principal partners in this project is OTP, ECLGTA, and Provincial Treasury as well as coordinating departments, and all sector departments.

This project aims to drive implementation of parts of the PDP's Goal 5; "Capable, conscientious and accountable institutions". This goal seeks to achieve a capable provincial government that champions and enables development with a people-centred strategic orientation capable of propagating ideas and mobilising society behind a common vision and development agenda. The goals promote a state shored up by institutional capabilities to champion and facilitate development as well as effective and efficient services. Furthermore, the goals of the PDP seek to build a state capable of building and sustaining development partnerships essential to driving a common vision for the development of the province.

This is a five year project, and the project is expected to produce the following in the 2015/16 financial year:
  • Alignment of departmental strategic and annual plans to PDP objectives
  • Project management support to priority Departments
Project Manager: Mr Baphelele Mhlaba 




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