Corporate Services

Creating an enabling environment

This programme provides support services and creates an enabling environment for the achievement of the impact and outcomes outline in the strategic plan and also key strategic areas for ECSECC. This programme aims to enable innovative, agile and quality governance, corporate services, financial management and operational performance through the provision of strategic leadership and good practice systems and procedures. The purpose of it is to achieve:

  • A high performing organisation
  • Healthy, productive, efficiency and effectiveness in policy, systems and processes to enable productivity and impact
  • Innovation, economy, efficiency and effectiveness in policy, systems and process to enable productivity and impact
  • Maximise communication and collaboration

Publications can be found in the information centre.

Corporate Services Programme

The aim of the sub-programme:
To provide good ethical conduct, good corporate governance, and financial management through strategic leadership and best practice.

Information and Communication Technology

Aim of the sub-programme:
  • Provide ICT services that enable:
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in ICT systems development and support that ensure business outcomes
  • ICT platforms and partnerships for innovation
  • Cost effective ICT solutions for an agile mobile workforce

Strategic management and operations

Aim of the project:
Enable achievement of organisational outcomes through strategic management, agile programme and project management.

Research and Information

Aim of the sub-programme:
Generation, sharing and exchange of knowledge through research, strategic information and foresight.

Personnel in the programme

Ms Nozuko Somniso
Executive Secretary & Chief Risk Officer
Ms Janice Leach
Finance Manager
Ms Zola Mshumpela
Supply Chain Manager
Ms Veliswa Tima
Finance Officer
Mr Lithemba Ntlokonkulu
Network and Systems Engineer
Ms Sinethemba Mqayi
IT Systems Administrator
Ms Nothando Shenxane
Human Resources Manager
Ms Zuzeka Kwanga
HR Assistant
Ms Natasha August
Office Manager
Ms Nozuko Nkundla
Ms Ntombebandla Ntini
General Assistant
Ms Veliswa Kandile
General Assistant
Ms Bulwelwa Lubelwana
GIS Specialist
Ms Andiswa Mbali
Statistical Economist
Ms Esethu Magwentshu
Operations Management Coordinator
Ms Sive Kamte
Planning Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Ms Khayakazi Gwazela
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Ayanda Madyibi
ICT Specialist
Mr Zwanga Mukhuthu
Publications and Digital Communications Officer
Ms Pamela Njenge
IT Assistant
Mr Malwande Ntongana
Procurement Officer
Mr Barry Morkel
Planning Data Specialist
Ms Nelisa Tetani
Procurement Assistant
Akhona Tinta
Chief Operations Officer